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Boat Launches

The Klickitat has boat launches ranging from Hatchery to 5 mile, allowing you to choose floats as long as an overnight, all day, half day or even just a few hours.  You can put in at one launch site and then choose the length of your float, taking your boat out at a down river site - have your vehicle waiting for you by setting up a shuttle.  

Klickitat River

Rafts recommended from Hatchery to Summit Creek and one lane bridge. Drift boats are ok down the rest of the river.

Upper river launches includes Parrots Crossing AKA the old USGA gage site. This section of the river is recommended for rafts and kayaks only. It is a beautiful and fun ride.



Klickitat River

Drift boats, rafts and kayaks, this part of the river has some technical runs, and fabulous fishing.  The scenery can't be beat - be prepared to see a variety of birds and wildlife.  Just above Ice House there is a mineral water spring that bubbles up periodically.  

Klickitat River

The lower river from town to below Pitt has some beautiful runs and fantastic holes to try your luck.  Below Pitt the river is protected, you can run it yourself, but the only guides allowed are the Zollers.  Below Pitt is popular with kayakers, tubers, and other floaters, but there is plenty of room for everyone and some wonderful places to wade and fly fish.  


Make sure you get out well before the gorge - your chance of survival is pretty slim if you decide to go through it.  When the fall chinook are coming up the river, the bridge over the gorge is a great place to watch Native Americans practice the art of dip netting.  

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